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Young Professionals

Financial Planning for Young Professionals

Our Young Professionals program allows individuals and couples (under $50K in savings) to enroll in a comprehensive financial, educational, and investment program without any asset based fees that investment advisory firms typically charge clients.

Our entire program is completely transparent and designed to help you invest for your future goals and retirement. The  program will ensure a foundation with money and possession’s in eternity’s light..

One of the goals of this program is to build long-term relationships with younger clients and help them grow and plan their financial affairs over the lifetime of our relationship. Every person and situation is unique.

What benefits does the Young Professionals program provide?

  • To help you save and invest your first $50,000 and ensure you lead a wise, organized financial life that is the foundation for building wealth (asset-based fees waived)
  • A veteran financial adviser who will counsel, coach and guide you through wise financial decisions
  • Your personal independent wealth management team with no conflicts of interest
  • Help and accountability with your personal budget and tax planning
  • Insurance – Do you have enough or too much coverage? Are you paying too much? How can you reduce costs and maintain adequate coverage?
  • Personal Financial Organizer
  • Money Guide Pro – Smart Portal – your personal interactive financial planning software and account aggregation tool
  • TD Ameritrade Institutional trading account with free setup and tools
  • Emergency and Retirement Planning
  • Trading Up – Ongoing Investor Education program
  • Comprehensive Financial Plan: My Money Guide
  • Professional Investment Research and Expert Advice
  • Debt and Loan retirement counseling
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