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Personal Financial Coaching

Ascension Wealth Advisors Financial Coaching is devoted to presenting financial management principles to individuals, couples, groups and business owners.

Financial coaching involves various media through which we teach, advise and manage, publish materials, and provide financial counseling and coaching.

As we are led by God’s grace, we will walk alongside those we serve, carefully guiding them to wise financial decision-making and monitoring by bringing understanding, transparency, clarity and capability to reach their goals and desired life impact. It is our intent to earn our clients’ trust through a passionate commitment to great service and financial expertise.

We want something for you – not something from you. Everyone seems to have something to say about money: how you should spend it, where you should invest it, how you can earn it. We’ve have carefully collected and organized categories and programs for individuals, families, groups and business owners at any financial level.

Our financial and investment advisory services offer an advisor and coaching relationship built on personal trust and integrity. We work with clients when we believe we can add substantial value to their financial situation. As a fee-based advisor, our interests are aligned with those of our clients. We focus our efforts on:

  • Our Biblical Worldview, Consultative and Coaching Approach
  • Financial and Investment Management Strategies
  • Cost sensitive Value Added Services
  • Forming Strong Alliances to better serve our clients
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