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Mission & Purpose

As we are led by God’s grace, we will walk alongside those we serve, carefully guiding them to wise financial decision-making and monitoring by bringing understanding, transparency, clarity and capability to reach their goals and desired life impact.

It is our mission to earn our clients’ trust through a passionate commitment to great service and financial expertise. We expect that our clients will come to appreciate AWA to the point that they will eagerly refer us to those they care most about.

Ascension Wealth Advisors is a Fee-Only Registered Investment Adviser dedicated to helping clients achieve their financial goals through a well thought out wealth management plan. We provide wealth management services for a limited number of individuals, families, trusts, not-for-profits and retirement plans.

We believe that to achieve this mission, we must remain independent in structure and spirit. Only by remaining an independent investment adviser and consulting firm can we assure our clients of objectivity in investment advice, investment research and all of our endeavors.

Our wealth advisory services offer an advisor relationship built on personal trust and integrity. We only work with clients when we believe we can add substantial value to their financial situation. As a fee-only advisor, our interests are aligned with those of our clients.

We focus our efforts on:

  • Our Consultative Approach
  • Wealth Management Strategies
  • Value Added Services
  • Forming Strong Alliances to better serve our clients
Wealth Management
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