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Enhancing Wealth

We design and construct your investment portfolio based on your goals, willingness, needs, time horizon and ability to take risk.

Our investment strategy focuses on asset allocation and structuring a globally diversified, low-cost investment portfolio. This strategy is designed to optimize returns while minimizing risk. We utilize low-cost efficient investments and for taxable accounts use tax-managed funds with the goal of maximizing your after-tax returns.

We address your fixed income needs as an integral part of your overall portfolio. We focus on high quality fixed income instruments to provide safety and stability.

As advisors who provide fee-only wealth management, we do not accept any commissions.  We provide independent and objective financial advice. Our interests are aligned with yours. To be successful, we will develop and agree upon a written investment policy and strategy. The investment policy statement is designed to assist in providing discipline over the long term and to give you the best chance to achieve your goals.

We feel that your financial education is important. Your understanding of our investment strategy will help you to have the discipline necessary to adhere to your plan during all types of financial markets. We continually provide ongoing quarterly investor education and market review that is relevant to our clients.

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