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Specialty Services

Are you facing a question of which the answer is critical to your financial success?

Ascension can help.

Through the years of attending to the needs of clients, we have developed a broad range of investment and financial capabilities. Our special services team would be pleased to work with you on a project basis to address the challenge of your unique situation. You will find that our specialist team of “best-in-class fiduciary advisors” have expertise in a number of areas.

Some examples are:

  • Hedging, monetization, or disposition of concentrated stock positions
  • Strategic modeling to develop the optimal approach to acheive a particular financial goal
  • Strategic investment portfolio planning
  • Complex real estate due diligence and transaction planning
  • Employee Stock Option planning
  • Tax planning to help evaluate the merits of a particaular transaction
  • Wealth transfer planning and coordination
  • Charitable gift planning
  • Risk managment assessment and solutions development


Depending on the project scope, we will negotiate a project-completion or an appropriate hourly fee.

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