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Investment Consulting

The investment tools utilized by Ascension Wealth Advisors are proprietary to our research group based on the latest findings coming from the academic community. All analysis is objective, so the client can be assured that the investment advice we render is truly unique in both its presentation and the insight it provides. Our clients are the sole beneficiaries of our research and the sole source of our revenue.

Defined Contribution Plans

Defined contribution plans including profit sharing, and 401(k). Ascension recognizes the importance of recordkeeper selection in designing an appropriate plan that not only enhances participation, but also provides the maximum amount of fiduciary insulation for plan sponsors.

Services provided to Defined Contribution Plans:

  • Investment Policy Design and Review
  • Plan Option Analysis
  • Four-Factor Manager Evaluation System
  • Diversification and Sub-Sector Weighting
  • Quarterly Monitoring and Review
  • Objectively Measure the Risk-Adjusted Performance
  • Evaluate Cost Related to Plan Investment Options
  • Evaluation and Selection of: Domestic Investment Management Organizations and International Investment Management Organizations


Family Offices

Ascension works with family office clients to develop long-term investment strategies and allocations designed to support and enhance the lifestyles of future generations.

Services provided to Family Offices:

  • Investment policy design and review
  • Master trustee and custodian analysis
  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Investment manager guideline development
  • Manager search and selection
  • Custodian selection
  • Performance measurement and monitoring
  • Portfolio rebalancing


Endowments & Foundations

Our team of consultants provide expert advice and service, while always adhering to the latest investment and evaluation standards of the academic and not-for-profit community.  Our team’s expertise lies in investment policy design, spending policy analysis, manager evaluation and selection, and performance evaluation.  Ascension’s primary focus is assisting its clients in constructing a portfolio that has a high probability of achieving an established rate of return objective for the investment program.

Services Provided to Foundations and Endowments:

  • Funding Study
  • Assess Cash Flow Needs
  • Investment Policy Review
  • Custodian Evaluation and Selection
  • Establish Investment Guidelines for Managers
  • Quarterly Meetings with the Trustees (minimum)
  • Quarterly Performance Analysis, and
  • Portfolio Rebalancing to: maintain the allocation among managers and provide for spending requirements
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