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Family Office Solutions

Ascension Wealth Advisors is very fortunate to have help when we need it. In this age of constant change it is impossible for a practitioner to stay current in all issues impacting our clients. Accordingly, we often involve other professionals who have more expertise in a key client need. We have forged a key strategic alliance with one of the top family offices in the country who shares our same commitment to fiduciary excellence and service.

Our Family Office Solutions include:

  • Act as a chief financial officer and help with budgeting, forecasting and overall management of cash and asset allocation
  • Act as a personal finance department and complete daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual due diligence tasks, such as invoice payment scheduling, payroll, account maintenance and reconciliation, balance profit and loss and year-end closing
  • Coordinate with insurance advisers to help evaluate insurance coverage to mitigate risk
  • Assist legal counsel to handle wealth transfer, audits, tax laws, confidentiality agreements, non-disclosure agreements, etc.
  • Act as the liaison between other financial experts, including tax professionals, bankers and brokers
  • Act as an estate manager overseeing the administration and bookkeeping
  • Act as the concierge for big-ticket assets such as property, fleets, yachts and aircraft
  • Assist with basic and multi-generational family unity on issues related to money management, goal prioritization, etc.


Often, one of the biggest duties of a family office is simply to educate the various family generations on their options.

We believe the key to a successful partnership between our family office services and our client is to clearly define the client expectations and goals. Key performance indicators are used to measure the success of individual your families program, while an agreed communications standard will set the precedent for peace of mind.

Family offices are known to act as an advocate of the client, making necessary adaptations based on unique needs and requirements, as opposed to trying to force clients to fit a certain mold. In essence, the family office is created around the needs of you the client, not vice versa. The office provides education, transparency and empowerment to the client and is flexible in working with the client in order to achieve the financial objectives at hand.

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