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Business Planning

Business Planning

If you are a business owner, business planning is an essential part of your overall financial planning. There are several interrelated goals of business planning:

  • Reduce taxes
  • Create more personal wealth
  • Integrate business and personal planning
  • Estimate and enhance the value of a business

Ascension Wealth Advisors can work with you to ensure a seamless integration of your business and your personal financial planning, taking into consideration all of the issues that are important to you.

We use a seven-step process to develop and maintain an appropriate plan for you:

1. Business Planning Analysis – We undertake a 30-day discovery period to fully understand your business and identify areas for improvement. This includes financial statement evaluation, employee analysis, site visits, real estate, employee benefit plans, risk management, etc.

2. Evaluation of Corporate Structure – We will evaluate the structure of your business to make certain you are maximizing the benefits of each type of entity.

3. Revenue Segregation – This affords you, the business owner, more flexible planning options in leveraging and sheltering key revenues.

4. Tax Deductible Savings Vehicles – We will determine which tax deductible savings vehicles make the most sense for your business to help you maximize your personal wealth.

5. Finalize and Implement Solutions – At this stage in the process, we will communicate with your CPA and attorney to make certain all strategies are executed  properly.

6. Monitor – We will monitor the evolution of your business and continue to propose appropriate solutions in an effort to meet your ever-changing goals.

7. Design Exit Strategy – Strategies can be designed to help enhance the value of your business. We will then work with you to identify the exit options and outline an action plan.

Contact us and ask how we can construct a business planning strategy that is intended to help you achieve your overall financial goals

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