Your Plan For Success

When it comes to achieving your goals, you are best served by a deliberate process.

Discovery Meeting

We focus on a series of well thought-out questions to learn about you, your life and how Ascension can enhance your life through services that distinguish us from other firms. This discussion becomes the cornerstone of the deep client relationship we build with you. You share with us your values, goals, personal, professional, and institutional relationships, assets, and interests. We begin the creation of tour total client profile.

We encourage all or clients and prospective clients to utilize “The Personal Compass” visual planning system for determining and achieving your desired future. It will be our pleasure to help get you started by presenting you with the workbook system at the initial discovery meeting.

Investment Plan Meeting

We present your Discovery Profile, which reflects our understanding of what you’ve shared with us. Based on your input, we fine-tune it as needed. We discuss your profile with you, and we refine anything that needs to be revisited. We present you a written Investment Plan and Investment Policy Statement, which may include a variety of other supporting diagnostic and planning documents you will need to examine. You will be presented with a detailed actionable investment plan with recommendations on moving forward.

Mutual Commitment Meeting

The mutual commitment meeting is scheduled typically one week after the investment plan meeting. The meeting has two objectives. First, to make the mutual commitment to work together to achieve your goals and values. In addition to verbally ascertaining this and having a signed investment advisory agreement, we will assist you in executing the documents necessary to implement the investment plan.

The second objective is to outline the process for a comprehensive evaluation of the entire range wealth management issues to be addressed with recommendations on moving forward with a team of carefully selected experts, each with a high level of skill in the key areas.

In all that we do, we seek maximum transparency of all costs and expectations, so you can make informed decisions every step of the way. The strategy we present is a valuable resource, detailed and customized to your specifications. We conclude by confirming our next meeting.

45-Day Follow-Up Meeting

First, we want to gather and respond to any questions that you may have.

At the 45-day follow-up meeting we present you with “The Wealth Management Organizer”, which is a tabbed 3-ring binder personal financial organizer with sections for the investment plan overview, investment policy statement, the wealth management plan, brokerage statements, your regular progress reports and quarterly reports and other related documents and reports.

We also ensure your secure client login credentials are activated and that you are comfortable with all the tools and gateway portals. We want to also ensure you are comfortable with how to read and understand statements and reporting documents. We conclude by confirming our next progress and wealth management plan meeting.

Regular Progress Meetings and Ongoing Wealth Management Plan Meetings

Regular progress meetings are important as we closely evaluate and monitor our progress toward meeting your goals. We continue to engage in the process and completion of  the wealth management plan presented. We will oversee and coordinate the appropriate meetings with our team of highly skilled experts and specialists as needed.